We are the Saxons Motorcycle Club - SAXONS MC. We are located in Northern Nevada.  We have been an established club for more than ten years.  We are a Nevada corporation.  Our name (SAXONS MC) and our logo are on file with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.  Lately a few other groups have appeared on the internet and Facebook calling themselves the Saxons MC. These clubs are not sanctioned by, nor associated with the true SAXONS MC.  They have not followed the usual and customary protocols of the motorcycle club community.   

Our message to the other clubs is straight forward.
Demonstrate your knowledge, understanding and respect of the rules governing the patch-holder community.

1. Contact us to discuss this.
2. Change your club name to something that works in your area.
3. Cease and desist your use of the name SAXONS MC.

Welcome to the Saxons MC web page.  We are a group of individuals who share common bonds: our freedom, our love for the open road and our respect for the protocol of this lifestyle.

The Saxons MC does not claim territory.  Our members ride out of Northern Nevada.  We are active in the local motorcycle community.  The Saxons MC is a member of the Northern Nevada Confederation of Clubs.  We hold a COC board seat.

Like many other clubs our members must own and ride an American motorcycle.  Persons wishing to become a member must complete a prospect period and learn to respect the rules of the patch-holder community.

We come from a variety of backgrounds.  We support individual freedom and our rights as guaranteed by the Constitution.

We invite you to check out our page, learn what we’re about and send a note if you’d like.

Respects, Saxons MC